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 Updated on:  June 5, 2009

iTunesU from Sierra College

To reach iTunesU for Sierra College, go to the Online Services link.

Locating the iTunesU link.

On this page you'll find the iTunesU link.

Locating the Sierra College Link to iTunesU.

Next you'll see a hyperlink stating "Take me to Sierra College on iTunesU, click to continue.

Launching iTunes

Windows will attempt to launch your Application. If you do not own a free copy of
iTunes from Apple, you will have to click the link to download your free copy.

iTunes Agreement

Once you download your free copy, you'll have to agree to Apple's terms or it won't work.

The Sierra College CIS folder on iTunesU

When iTunes launches its application you'll see that you will be in the iTunes Store.
Those of you who already have iTunes for your iPods might be opened in another folder.
Just navigate to the iTunes Store. Next, notice the red arrow pointing to the
Computer Information Systems folder, click it to continue.

The CIS department on iTunesU

I have two links in this folder, one for the CIS137 class and another for the CIS127 class.
You are welcome to take any file you want from either folder if it helps you.

The CIS137 folder on iTunesU

In the folder above, I'm showing the contents of the CIS137 Lecture Videos.
At this time I don't have many Audio files uploaded to this class, however, that
could change soon.

The CIS127 folder on iTunesU

In the folder above, I'm showing the contents of the CIS127 file. You'll find Audio files,
Web Design Videos, and Videos for Dreamweaver, Fireworks and Flash Pro.
There are quite a few tracks and videos in this section.

Choosing a lecture on iTunesU

Back in the CIS137 folder I am going to download a Video Lecture on Navigation
Systems for Web pages, a subject worthy for both classes.

Downloading a lecture on iTunesU

In a very short time I was able to download a copy of the Lecture Video; you can
see it being downloading here both on the screen in the Status area and in a special
Download Folder that was created on the left side.

Viewing a lecture from iTunesU

So now I viewing the downloaded PowerPoint lecture as a video file with audio.
Another nice feature of these lectures is that they will play in any size iPod, iTouch,
or iPhone as well as iTunes on your computer.

Viewing my downloaded files from iTunesU

Back in iTunes I am able to find all of the lecture Videos I have downloaded in my
Podcasts folder.

Finding other colleges and universities on iTunesU

Lastly, back in iTunesU in the iTunes Store you will see links to other Colleges and
Universities participating in this venture. If you click the link the red arrow is
pointing to, Universities & Colleges, you'll see a full listing.

A full alphabetical listing of colleges and universities on iTunesU

This is the full listing by alphabetical order; one day soon enough, Sierra College will
be listed here directly so you won't have to go through all of these steps. I'm sure the
reason why we are not listed yet is because not enough departments are ready to go
online with their material. Sometimes, it has to do with copyrighted material used in
the classroom or as in my case, used on Moodle. Moodle is private and requires a pass
code and student membership, it is not for public viewing. Everything on iTunesU from
me is my own material and I have given my consent for it to be used in any educational
setting. I hope you fully enjoy what I have made available to you in iTunesU.