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Lecture Night #7 at the Rocklin Campus Rm. V121

?/? ~ 4:00pm to 5:50pm. (This may not be in the right week.)

Flash Pro HYBRID #7 ZIP here: Includes all files needed. (not yet)

View Helpful Videos Video Series on Flash Pro for week 17 Videos See the week 17 Videos from this link.

This week Todd Perkins covers in approximately a half and hour, the topic of "ActionScripting" and "Publishing." These subjects tend to scare-off new people to Flash, however, by following instructions given and taking your time when coding, you'll be surprised at how much you've learned in such a short time. And, it will work too!

week 17: Flash Pro FLASH CS4 PRO

Original FLASH CS4 Pro Exer. by Prof. Al to supplement the course.

This week the Course Packet and Demo files Introduces Flash ActionScript and Components to you. Hopefully, you have been staying up with the exercises during the past few weeks, it will pay off this week when you get to use ActionScript to make your exercises interactive. However, if you follow directions very carefully all of these exercises will work for you, enough students have proved it over time; if you don't follow directions carefully, guess what? They won't work.

View Helpful Videos Prof Al's Camtasia Video Lectures the 17th Week

week 17: Flash Pro Flash Pro Exercises

  1. ex19.2ActionScriptingLoops.html
  2. ex19.5ActionMovieClipDONE.html
  3. ex20ActionButtons.html
  4. ex21BuildPreloader.html
  5. ex22AddLoader.html

These Flash Pro exercises will give you more practice getting familiar with the Flash Interface. Remember, you are not to upload any .FLA files to your Web Host, these files remain with you for future edits or backups. Do not upload just a .SWF file to your Web Host, these files are no longer accessible for everyone as they were in the past. Every .SWF file is to be embedded into an HTML file for publishing.

Stop Stop


any .FLA files

only HTML with embedded .SWF files

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VoiceThread topic Week SEVENTEEN: This week you got to see how Flash uses Behaviors to do some pretty amazing feats without having you do the ActionScripting. Pick one of the Behaviors you particularly like and try to promote the benefits of using it to your classmates.

Please Read Please Read

Exercises Must Be Uploaded by ?/?

You should only be working on your Final Project after that date.

All Final Projects Deadline Friday ?/?