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View Helpful Videos Video Series on Flash Pro for week 16 Videos See the week 16 Videos from this link.

This week Todd Perkins covers working with "Button" symbols, "Movie Clips," and "Filters and Blends," all in about 25 minutes of your time; time well spent again this week!

week 16: Flash Pro FLASH CS4 PRO

Original FLASH Pro Exer. by Prof. Al to supplement the course.

This week the Course Packet and Demo files Introduces Flash Movie Clips and Scenes to you.
I have to admit, when I was a student learning Flash 5, Movie Clips just went zoom, over-my-head! People said it's easy why don't you get it? I guess because no one really explained what the difference was between a Flash Movie and Flash Movie Clips. On the surface, it sounded like double-talk. Well, I guess it had to do with my thinking that it was double-talk and they didn't know what they were talking about. If this starts to sound like you this week, have heart, I finally figured out the difference and now I'm glad I did. If you do some of the easy exercises and don't fret over the more difficult examples shown here, you too will begin to get it and then you'll be able to pull off some really cool Web site using Flash Movie Clips. OK, so go ahead and read and do some exercises.

Review the Need-2-Know section in your Course Packet to finish up the Flash Pro Section.

View Helpful Videos Prof Al's Camtasia Video Lectures the 16th Week

week 16: Flash Pro Flash Pro Exercises


  1. ex16musicOnOffButton.html
  2. ex17.4LCVmovieClip.html
  3. ex18mainInterfaceDONE.html


These Flash Pro exercises will give you more practice getting familiar with the Flash Interface. Remember, you are not to upload any .FLA files to your Web Host, these files remain with you for future edits or backups. Do not upload just a .SWF file to your Web Host, these files are no longer accessible for everyone as they were in the past. Every .SWF file is to be embedded into an HTML file for publishing.

Here is an example of a Flash Splash page done by students in this class a few semesters ago that is really outstanding and fun to watch too!

Student Flash Splash Page White Horse WineryWhite Horse Winery

Stop Stop


any .FLA files

only HTML with embedded .SWF files

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VoiceThread topic Week SIXTEEN: If there is one thing that people almost expect to get with a Flash movie is sound. Sound can be an effective way to communicate and sometimes it can be off-putting; your job is to walk that thin line between both. Discuss what your own opinions are about sound in a Flash movie or Flash Web page. What if a visitor doesn't have speakers or has a hearing disability? Will this impact your Flash movie in any way? What do you think can be done about this?