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 Updated on:  August 2, 2011 Videos Video Series on Flash CS5 for week 15

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Flash Pro CS5 Essential Training with Todd Perkins 15:29

I wouldn't ignore the segment on Audio if you plan on working with Flash any time in the future. No matter what you think, there will be times when you will need to insert some kind of sound into a Flash movie, and then you'll think why did I ignore this when I had a chance to learn how to use audio files? And then, you'll know.

Working with Audio

Understanding Audio in Flash 02:11

Importing and Adding Audio to an Animation 01:25

Compressing Audio with the Library 03:10

Controlling Sound Effects Through the Properties Panel 01:44

Syncing Sound to an Animation 03:17

Adding Sound to a Button 01:20

Using Code Snippets to Stop Sounds from Playing 01:02

Working with Video (No assignments, just info.) 18:47

Understanding Video in Flash 01:16

Using the Adobe Media Encoder to Encode Video 02:08

Importing Video 02:15

Using the FLV Playback Component 02:34

Working with Cue Points 03:59

Using Code Snippets to Control Video 06:35