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Lecture Night #6 at the Rocklin Campus Rm. V121

?/? ~ 4:00pm to 5:50pm. (This may not be in the right week.)

Flash Pro HYBRID #6 ZIP here: Includes all files needed. (not yet)

View Helpful Videos Video Series on Flash Pro for week 15 Videos See the week 15 Videos from this link.

This week Todd Perkins covers "Audio" and "Video" training in Flash CS5 Pro. Inserting sound and video into Flash movies is not hard to do, but it sure is nice watching a pro do his job! There are 15 minutes devoted to Audio and 18 minutes devoted to Video this week, not a lot of time, but it is quality time.

week 15: Flash Pro FLASH CS4 PRO

Original FLASH Pro Exer. by Prof. Al to supplement the course.

This week the Course Packet and Demo files Introduces Flash Sound to you.
It's going to be how well you follow directions as opposed to I can't make it work! We have had students on both sides of this statement over the years. Sound is not a really big thing to do, but it does take careful following of directions, miss a step and bingo, it won't work. I always suggest that students place a pencil mark after each step to make sure that no steps are missed. It will become more intuitive after you do many movies with sound; that's really what it all adds up to, experience.

The Demos this week are only available to those using CS4 or CS5, not any of the older versions of Flash. The Inverse Kinematics used in Demo 10 are easy to do and really fun too. In Demo 11 you'll actually get to use the new 3D Animation that Flash can do. Now don't get carried away, this is not some super CAD work, it's still 2D art in the third dimension that's all, but it's cool!

View Helpful Videos Prof Al's Camtasia Video Lectures the 15th Week

Just For FUN Older Flash CS3 Examples Shown Here!

The Demos keep taking you deeper into what Flash can do for you, from a simple Preloader to learning how to embed Movie Clips inside of Movie Clips; it's really a lot of fun.

Flash Pro VIEW: Frame by Frame Animation with Sound Sync Flash Finished Example by Prof. Al

Flash ProVIEW: Flash Movie Clips Used as Button Rollovers Flash Finished Example by Prof. Al

Flash Pro VIEW: Flash Website Interface Made with Movie Clips Flash Finished Example by Prof. Al

week 15: Flash Pro Flash Pro Exercises


  1. ex13.1LibrarySoundsCS4.html
  2. ex13.2sharedSounds.html
  3. ex13.3testSharedSounds.html
  4. ex14streamMP3.html
  5. ex15.1soundLoops.html
  6. ex15.2soundEnvelope.html


These Flash Pro exercises will give you more practice getting familiar with the Flash Interface. Remember, you are not to upload any .FLA files to your Web Host, these files remain with you for future edits or backups. Do not upload just a .SWF file to your Web Host, these files are no longer accessible for everyone as they were in the past. Every .SWF file is to be embedded into an HTML file for publishing.

Stop Stop


any .FLA files

only HTML with embedded .SWF files

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VoiceThread topic Week FIFTEEN: Flash Movie Clips are extremely powerful and flexible objects that have their own Timelines. I've shown you how to make them and by now, you probably have done one of the exercises too. So, tell me what a Movie Clip is and how to see if it is working properly, and why you should possibly make all Flash graphics into Flash Movie Clip Symbols? Bet you didn't see that one coming!