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listen to Weekly Podcast Audio Podcast (week 14) Flash Pro

View Helpful Videos Video Series on Flash Pro for week 14 Videos See the week 14 Videos from this link.

This week Todd Perkins covers "Animation," plan on a spending over an hour to cover all of the important videos available to view. Todd leaves no stone unturned when it comes to this totally fun topic. You'll love learning this part of your Flash training.

week 14: Flash Pro FLASH CS4 PRO

Original FLASH Pro Exer. by Prof. Al to supplement the course.

This week the Course Packet and Demo files Introduces Flash Animation to you.
This is the week everyone waits for since animation seems to attract a lot of attention, (not always a good thing). You will learn about animation from an old Disney Frame by Frame standard to a more modern Tween by computer animation. No matter what, it will be fun!

The exercises also include a project on building an invisible button that can be used for just about anything that needs a hyperlink. The Demos teach you how to insert a Scrollpane and a Progress Bar for preloading content.

View Helpful Videos Prof Al's Camtasia Video Lectures the 14th Week

Just For FUN Older Flash CS3 Examples Shown Here!

Flash Pro Tween Animation Koalas Splash PageFlash Finished Example by Prof. Al

Flash Pro Frame by Frame Splash Page with Movie ClipsFlash Finished Example by Prof. Al

Flash Pro Tween Animation Crossfire using Several ScenesFlash Finished Example by Prof. Al

Flash Pro Tween Animation Kings Make BasketFlash Finished Example by Prof. Al (need to find)

week 14: Flash Pro Flash Pro Exercises


  1. ex07invisibleButtons.html
  2. ex08basicAnimation.html
  3. ex09finishStart.html
  4. ex10tweenMorph.html
  5. ex11shapeTween.html
  6. ex12motionGuide.html


These Flash Pro exercises will give you more practice getting familiar with the Flash Interface. Remember, you are not to upload any .FLA files to your Web Host, these files remain with you for future edits or backups. Do not upload just a .SWF file to your Web Host, these files are no longer accessible for everyone as they were in the past. Every .SWF file is to be embedded into an HTML file for publishing.

Stop Stop


any .FLA files

only HTML with embedded .SWF files

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VoiceThread topic Week FOURTEEN: Animation is a very broad label for the activities you are getting into this week in Flash. Animation comes by duplicating and then moving individual elements on the stage, sometimes with Frame-by-Frame animation and sometimes with Motion or Shape Tween animation. Please discuss the differences between these and why you'd pick one type over the other. What part does Symbols play with Animation?