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listen to Weekly Podcast Audio Podcast (week 12) Flash Pro

View Helpful Videos Video Series on Flash Pro for week 12 Videos See the week 12 Videos from this link.

You will find "What's New in Flash CS5 Pro" in this weeks videos, as well as, working with Text and some very essential training for the software.

Note: My older and newer Videos using several version of Flash Pro can be found on iTunesU in the Flash Videos section. Old or new, the videos can be of help to you with the projects.


For all of you using the CS3 or lower version of Flash Pro always choose ActionScript 1.0 or ActionScript 2.0 only.

Those of you using the CS4, CS5 or CS5.5 versions of Flash will have an option to use ActionScript 3.0 or lower. However, some of my Course Packet exercises use ActionScript 1.0 or 2.0 because they were created before ActionScript 3.0 was available. ActionScript 3.0 does not use Behaviors and many of the functions I've used in the course packet. So, I may from time to time, update some of the Course Packet items to use ActionScript 3.0 if warranted and post them in Blackboard for you to print out and place into your Course packet binder.

week 12: Flash Pro FLASH CS4 PRO

Original FLASH CS4 Pro Exercises by Prof. Al Fichera

This week the Course Packet introduces Flash to you.
All of the exercises are very easy to do and are only here for you to get used to the interface of Flash. Even if they seem to simple to you, do them anyway so you can get some hands-on experience. Don't worry, the exercises will become more challenging as you move along. Download the Flash ZIP folder below, it has all the files you'll need for this section already placed into exercise folders for you. The Demo files are also in this ZIP folder.

Important: Flash Pro Zipped Flash Pro Files All Needed Flash Pro File are ZIPPED here.

View Helpful Videos Prof Al's Camtasia Video Lectures the 12th Week

  1. Part 1: Results from Week 1 of Flash Pro Exercises
    The link above is a new movie with current 2010 information for information for this semesters class.
  2. Part 2: Shows the Flash CS4 Workspace
    If you own the CS5 version of Flash Pro, I'd still look at the above short movie, the software changes are usually not so sweeping as to render this video obsolete. Sometimes a panel will move from one spot to another, but it's still available. You can always look in the Main menu at the top of the screen to find where the panel you are looking for is located. Just a word to the wise here.
  3. Part 3: Shows how to work with your files and upload in Dreamweaver
    Note for the movie above: This shows homework with a textbook assignment, ignore that and learn the steps to upload from this movie instead. There is no textbook exercise for you now, so stop looking for one! Movie still covers the steps.

week 12: Flash Pro Flash Pro Exercises

  1. ex01properties.html
  2. ex02imported.html
  3. ex03convert.html
  4. ex04.1breakApart.html
  5. ex04.2traceBitmap.html
  6. ex04.3bitmapFills.html


These Flash CS4 exercises will give you more practice getting familiar with the Flash Interface. Remember, you are not to upload any .FLA files to your Web Host, these files remain with you for future edits or backups. Do not upload just a .SWF file to your Web Host, these files are no longer accessible for everyone as they were in the past. Every .SWF file is to be embedded into an HTML file for publishing.

Stop Stop


any .FLA files

only HTML with embedded .SWF files

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VoiceThread Topic for Week Twelve: In the course packet I have you creating some simple graphics in Flash, plus you get to convert Bitmaps into Vectors. In Exercise 4 you learned how to trace a Bitmap graphic and then turn it into a Vector graphic. After you have worked with these tools you should be able to distinguish the differences between the Fireworks Tools and the Flash Tools. Do you get the connection that exists between the two programs and do you think you can do without using Fireworks or Photoshop and work directly in Flash?