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View Helpful Videos Videos to Learn FIREWORKS from '' & Videos Video from Understanding the new Interface in CS4

Video from The New Preferences Panel, new in CS4

Note: This link will be repeated for you in each week for Fireworks.

Lecture Night #4 at the Rocklin Campus Rm. V121

?/? ~ 4:00pm to 5:50pm. (This may not be in the right week.)

Adobe Fireworks HYBRID #4 ZIP here: Includes all files needed.

week 11: Adobe Fireworks Fireworks

Original Fireworks Exercises by Prof. Al to supplement the course.

This week the Course Packet ends with Disjointed Rollovers, if you have enough time it is well worth your time to get to know about them. You should be able to do the Rollover Button exercise and perhaps the Pop-up navigation menu.
The navigation exercise will be quite recognizable to you once you get started on the project; now you'll know how they do that on the sites you've visited with Pop-up navigation.

Important: Adobe Fireworks Zipped Fireworks Files Fireworks Prof Al Files ZIPPED Here

Adobe Acrobat ยป Lecture: The Web is it's own Medium

View Helpful Videos Prof Al's Camtasia Video Lectures the 11th Week


  1. What do your Fireworks Exercises look like this week?
  2. See how I turned Exercise 8 into a Interactive Prototype for a Web site here.
  3. Presentation Video: Rapid Prototyping and Wireframing in Fireworks CS4 part 1
  4. Presentation Video: Rapid Prototyping and Wireframing in Fireworks CS4 part 2
  5. #12 Live Demo: Fireworks Working with Disjointed Rollovers

week 11: Adobe Fireworks Fireworks Exercises Due

DEMO: On Rapid Prototyping.

Fireworks Exercises this week!


  1. exer10_MultiStateButton.html
  2. exer11_NavigationMenu.html
  3. exer12_DisjointedRollovers.html
  4. exer13_MultipleDisjointed.html

Remember to turn every exercise into a HTML file before uploading to the Web, GIF, JPG, and PNG files by themselves are "Orphans," there are no buttons or links to return to the listing page except for the "Back Button" on the Browser, and that's a BIG NO NO!

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only HTML with JPG or GIF files

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In this last week to play with your 'finger paints', Fireworks, I've provided exercises that use Disjointed Rollovers and for those of 'stout heart', Multiple Disjointed Rollovers. These exercises are all guaranteed to work ONLY IF YOU KNOW HOW TO FOLLOW DIRECTIONS CAREFULLY! Yes I know that's not polite to shout but this time it's necessary.

My question this week is simple, WHY?, why even bother to teach this concept? Will it be just for fun or do you think there might be some underlying usefulness involved here?

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Stop Working on Fireworks Adobe Fireworks!

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