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Video from The New Preferences Panel, new in CS4

Note: This link will be repeated for you in each week for Fireworks.

week 10: Adobe Fireworks Fireworks

This week the Course Packet exercises are all about using masks. I've included a couple of Demo files that use the Slicing Tool and another on using Image Maps. You do get credit for doing these as well. If you follow the instructions carefully, you'll be well on your way to building some very interesting graphics and Web page ideas.

Important: DUE Dates are on your Fireworks Homework page.

Important: Adobe Fireworks Zipped Fireworks Files Fireworks Prof Al Files ZIPPED Here

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  1. What do your Fireworks Exercises look like this week?
  2. This Lecture Video show you how Exercise 10 Rollover Buttons is created.

week 10: Adobe Fireworks Fireworks Exercises Due

DEMO: The Slicing Tool, and Image Map are found in your Course Packet.

Fireworks Exercises this week!


  1. exer06_BackgroundMask.html
  2. exer07_Watermark.html
  3. exer08_CollageMask.html
  4. exer09_MexicoMAsk.html

Remember to turn every exercise into a HTML file before uploading to the Web, GIF, JPG, and PNG files by themselves are "Orphans," there are no buttons or links to return to the listing page except for the "Back Button" on the Browser, and that's a BIG NO NO!

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only HTML with JPG or GIF files

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Fireworks is as graphic programs go, about as easy as it gets to learn; yes, I said that and you're thinking "what planet did he come from?", but it's really true. After you get used to some of the new tools you've probably never have seen before, it does get easier. My question to you this week is, for a real beginner to this stuff, what is the most difficult thing to grasp about the software and/or the exercises? Answer in a fashion that could lead me to developing a method of teaching Fireworks that would be less difficult or daunting to grasp.