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listen to Weekly Podcast Audio Podcast (week 8) Fireworks

View Helpful Videos Videos to Learn FIREWORKS from '' & Videos Video from Understanding the new Interface in CS4

Video from The New Preferences Panel, new in CS4

Note: This link will be repeated for you in each week for Fireworks.

Lecture Night #3 at the Rocklin Campus Rm. V121

?/? ~ 4:00pm to 5:50pm. (This may not be in the right week.)

week 8: Fireworks

This week the Course Packet and Step-by-Step Demo files Introduces Fireworks to you. Try the exercises, if some appear too difficult for you to do, just place a marker for yourself to go back and try them again once your skills have improved in the weeks to come.

Important: DUE Dates are on your Fireworks Homework page.

Important: Adobe Fireworks Zipped Flash Pro Files Fireworks Prof Al Files ZIPPED Here

Read the Preface to Fireworks this week!

View Helpful Videos Prof Al's Camtasia Video Lectures the 8th Week

Note: These videos are well suited for the first week of Fireworks, most are short, you should try to view them all before the end of this week.


  1. Why Learn How to Use Fireworks?
  2. What Does Your Homework Exercises Look Like this Week?
  3. Learn About 9-Slice Scaling here.
  4. Demo for the Lasso Tool Exercise 2
  5. Ever Wonder What's the Difference Between GIF, JPG, and PNG? It's here.

week 8: Adobe Fireworks Fireworks Exercises Due

DEMO: The Color Panel Group, and 9-Slice Scaling are found in your Course Packet.

Fireworks Exercises week eight!

  1. exer01_VectorShapes.html
  2. exer02_LassoTool.html
  3. exer03_LiveFilters.html

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This is a good spot to reflect, and certainly too soon to discuss our new subject area of Fireworks.

In an all to short a period we introduced parts of Dreamweaver to you. However, given the time-frame we did cover quite a bit of territory anyway; so what single good thing can you come up with about using Dreamweaver?

What element from what we covered is still a big area of concern to you? Do you think you can work on your own at this time or do you need more instruction? How will you get this instruction?

Reminder: Don't forget iTunesU for FREE Downloads

More helpful videos can be downloaded from iTunesU under the Fireworks Videos section I've provided for you.

Videos in iTunesU Fireworks section of CIS127