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listen to Weekly Podcast Audio Podcast (week 5) Dreamweaver

View Helpful Videos Videos to Learn Dreamweaver CS4 from '' & Videos Greg Rewis Everyday Timesavers and James Williamson Helpful Tips to view while learning Dreamweaver, well worth your time investment.

Note: This link will be repeated for you in each week for Dreamweaver.

This week the Course Packet and Demo files cover the use of Dynamic Behaviors (DHTML).
From the Online files you'll learn how to use built-in Behaviors to allow users to move items on the page, work with the Timeline to allow AP Divs to pop-up and disappear all by themselves. Also this week, JavaScript rollovers and Image Maps will be covered.
Allow yourself to have some fun this week learning these behaviors.

Adobe Dreamweaver» Lecture: CSS Class Files and ID Files

Adobe Dreamweaver» Lecture: CSS Positioning (Dynamic HTML)

Adobe Dreamweaver» Lecture: CSS Visibility (Dynamic HTML)

Adobe Dreamweaver» Lecture: CSS Clipping Images (Dynamic HTML)

Expand your Horizons with this topic:

Take some time to learn about Web Accessibility from the supplied lecture below.

Important: Adobe Acrobat What Web Accessibility Means (A PDF version of my PowerPoint Lecture.)

View Helpful Videos Prof Al's Camtasia Video Lectures the 5th Week

  1. Prof Al Behavior Exercises
  2. Step-by-Step DEMO Magic Hat

Video Lecture versions of the PowerPoint Slides Above:

  1. CSS Class Files and ID Files DHTML
  2. CSS Positioning DHTML
  3. CSS Visibility DHTML
  4. CSS Clipping DHTML

Adobe Dreamweaver Dreamweaver Exercises Due

exercises on DIV Layout (20pts +)

  1. Adobe Dreamweaver exer09swapImage.html
  2. Adobe Dreamweaver exer10showHide.html
  3. Adobe Dreamweaver exer11dragAPdivs.html
  4. Adobe Dreamweaver exer12floatingDIV.html

I think you'll like learning how to do these exercises.

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