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listen to Weekly Podcast Audio Podcast (week 3) Dreamweaver

View Helpful Videos Videos to Learn Dreamweaver CS4 from '' & Videos Greg Rewis Everyday Timesavers and James Williamson Helpful Tips to view while learning Dreamweaver, well worth your time investment.

Note: This link will be repeated for you in each week for Dreamweaver.

This week the Course Packet and Demo files cover the use of Cascading Style Sheets.
From the Online files you'll continue to learn all about Cascading Style Sheets, and learn how to build Custom Classes, ID files and Pseudo Class Files. (Sounds hard but Dreamweaver makes it very easy.)
With CSS Styles you tell the browser how you want the page to look like, the XHTML tells the browser how to layout the site. CSS allows you to control the Fonts the colors, margins, padding, borders, and a whole bunch of other good stuff that you should take the time to learn about. Such as, the exercise in Pure CSS DIV Layout, it takes CSS to the proper level. Don't let your time pass without spending some quality time in CSS.

Expanding your horizons with these topics:

Adobe Dreamweaver Lecture: Typography for the Web

Adobe Dreamweaver Lecture: Image Maps

View Helpful Videos Prof Al's Camtasia Video Lectures the 3rd Week

Video to be Uploaded yet!

Adobe Dreamweaver Dreamweaver Exercises Due

Don't forget to upload your Prof. Al Exercises as soon as you have completed them, don't wait for the last minute and then forget to publish them in time!

Prof AL Exercises this week!

  1. exer03roundedTable.html (might be replaced by CSS3 HTML5) (20pts)
  2. exer04.1aTabData.html (these might become a demo only)
  3. exer04.1bCommaData.html
  4. exer04.2_modifyingTables.html (20pts)
  5. exer05sortTable.html (20pts)

You'll get some valuable practice with using Cascading Style Sheets this week. In the CIS137 class we get to spend a lot more time working on CSS DIV Layouts, and so much more. This class has more than enough to learn since we are using three (3) software packages in the course.

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My exercises centered on CSS this week, although not a fully developed subject at this point, still enough to gain an understanding of the high potential Cascading Style Sheets has for us.

The VoiceThread message this week is on using Cascading Style Sheets, from what little you'll learned so far, can you answer these questions?

If you invest more time and effort you'll get a better understanding of what CSS can do for you, however, that's a big part of the CIS137 class next Spring.

I'd like you to dig a little deeper into one of the CSS aspects that may have intrigued you somewhat, discuss your interest and feelings, negative or positive on the subject of using CSS in Web pages.