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listen to Weekly Podcast Audio Podcast (week 2) Dreamweaver

View Helpful Videos Videos to Learn Dreamweaver CS4 from '' & Videos Greg Rewis Everyday Timesavers and James Williamson Helpful Tips to view while learning Dreamweaver, well worth your time investment.

Note: This link will be repeated for you in each week for Dreamweaver.

Lecture Night #1 at the Rocklin Campus Rm. V121

Map of the Rocklin Campus 2009-09-05_1644map

Wed. Sept. 1 ~ 4:00pm to 5:50pm.

Repeated: Adobe Dreamweaver Zipped Flash Pro Files Dreamweaver Needed Files ZIPPED Here.

Adobe Acrobat A File Management document that should help set-up Dreamweaver for you.

View Helpful Videos Prof Al's Camtasia Video Lectures the 1st Week

Here is a Video on How to Find My Classroom

Adobe Dreamweaver Dreamweaver Exercises Due

Don't forget to upload your Prof. Al Exercises as soon as you have completed them, don't wait for the last minute and then forget to publish them in time!

Prof AL 3 Exercises this week!

  1. exer03.1roundedTable.html (includes the following steps to complete.)
    • 03.2 Table with Background Graphics as a Library Item
    • 03.3 Editing and modifying a Library Item (you will be building some placeholding pages to finish this exercise.)
  2. exer04.2modifyingTables.html (includes the following steps to complete.)
    • 04.1aTabData.html (You can use either Tab or Comma for the exercise.)
    • 04.1bCommaData.html
  3. exer05.sortTable.html (includes the following step to complete.)
    • 05.2 Table Measurement Tools

You'll get plenty of practice this week using Tables. It's always good to know all you can about Tables however, ultimately you'll replace them with more modern and accessible DIVs.

Visit the Blog WeeklyVisit the VoiceThread Weekly for Credit

My exercises centered on Tables this week, one of the topics we covered had to do with background images instead of foreground images for table cells.

I'd like you to discuss your knowledge about placing images into Web pages and Web page backgrounds.

Looking for some gut-level thinking and emotion here; this is not really a go to Google to find out thing.