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listen to Weekly Podcast Audio Podcast (week 1) Dreamweaver

View Helpful Videos Videos to Learn Dreamweaver CS4 from '' & Videos Greg Rewis Everyday Timesavers and James Williamson Helpful Tips to view while learning Dreamweaver, well worth your time investment.

Note: This link will be repeated for you in each week for Dreamweaver.

The CIS127 course is sometimes taught as a Hybrid class, which means that there would be * several nights in the semester that you will be requested to attend a Lecture and perform some Hands-On activity in our Lab Classroom. The few sessions on campus will be of great benefit for those new people to the software we use, plus gives you a chance to meet your professor and ask questions. If the hybrid is not offered, then all work will be done online.

* See the Homework Grid for the days, dates and time.

There is no way to get past these chores this week. Lots of my papers to read in the Course Packet (which might be offered in the College Bookstore as an option to purchase), and some will be online as necessary. So be prepared to Print out or review the .PDF files listed with this symbol: Adobe Acrobat and place them appropriately inside the Course Packet. Each week you may find more to print and read. Follow my instructions and suggestions each week and you'll get through this course without difficulty.

Lots of Material to review each week; some just good to know, some need to know, and perhaps some you already know. The more you expose yourself to, the more you will learn; you can take that to the bank!

Apply this logic to each and every week of the course; you will be amazed at the amount of material you will come to learn how to use on a regular basis after this course!

Welcome to the Hybrid CIS127 Class (If held this semester)

PRINT: Adobe Acrobat HYBRID Syllabus (All the Fine Print as required by the College.)

Download: Dreamweaver XHTML Homework Grid with Due Dates

(View the above code and then save the file as Dreamweaver.html in your ROOT Folder).

Important: Adobe Dreamweaver Zipped Flash Pro Files Dreamweaver Prof Al Files ZIPPED Here.

(Unzip the folder and then build your ROOT Folder Structure from these files).

Adobe Acrobat A File Management document that should help set-up the Site Management in Dreamweaver for you.

Read: The section in the Forward portion of the Course Packet on: What, When and Where of Meta Tag Usage. You may also do some searching on the Web for more information about Meta Tags and then use the VoiceThread link below to finish the assignment.

View Helpful Videos Prof Al's Camtasia Video Lectures the 1st Week

Video to be Uploaded yet!

Adobe Dreamweaver Dreamweaver Exercises Due

Note: You will plan and create an original Web site without any Data files supplied from me. Ultimately the Final Project in this course, starts right from the beginning, so start thinking about what you'd like to build!

Dreamweaver Exercise this week!

The first real job you have this semester is to fill out the index.html page that will be your start page that links your homework assignments. You can use these links to connect to the four (4) pages that need to be downloaded to your storage device. index.html, DWfall2010exer.html, FWfall2010exer.html, FLAfall2010exer.html

These exercises must be started this week by all students and turned-in next week, the Demo 1 point2file exercise shows you how to insert images with Dreamweaver and can be turned in for grading credit as well.

  1. exer01bistro.html (includes the following steps to complete.)
    • 01.1 Setting up the Page Properties
    • 01.2 Hyperlinks for the Bistro
    • 01.3 Attributes to the Email Links
    • 01.4 Add a Last Modified Date Script
  2. Demo 1: point2file.html (Do this one and get credit for doing it.)
  3. exer01.5bistroImages.html (Update page with images in a Table Layout.)

Visit the Blog WeeklyVisit the VoiceThread Weekly for Credit

The VoiceThread topic this week has to do with what goes in the HEAD of a Web Page Document. Meta Tags belong in all Web pages, what are they for and why should you use them?

As always you will receive credit for your comments in this class. Please respond to others in the VoiceThread, you will earn additional credit for your efforts.