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 Updated on:  July 27, 2011

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Week 15: Flash PRO Wrapping it up in Adobe Flash

So what's going on in the Course Packet in this last week of the course? ActionScript he says!

No WAIT, I forgot, there's good reading still in the Publishing section at the end, check it out, OK?

As you've been learning how to use Flash Pro you saw that I've added demo projects seen at the bottom of each week's exercises. There's eleven of these nice to know how to do projects that teach you good stuff like: Movie Scenes, Buttons from Scratch, Using the Load Graphic Behavior, Load External Movie Clip Behavior, Using the Scrollpane to hold SWF files, adding a Progress Bar Component to a Movie, create a simple Flash Preloader, and build a Movie Clip within a Movie Clip. These projects can be completed as you feel strong enough to try them, each carries 20pts for doing the work and will be added into your total score in the class. Don't do them, you risk not learning everything I think you should and of course loose the points as well. Try them, you'll never know what you are capable of until you do!

Well I can't say this hasn't been fun, so I won't. I hope you picked up enough knowledge to know where to point your wagon in the future. If you are young and ambitious enough, Flash is the area to become a pro. The world needs more awesome Flash, so who's up for this? Color me done.

The week 15 VoiceThread topic:
VoiceThread topic Week FIFTEEN: This week you got to see how Flash uses Behaviors to do some pretty amazing feats without having you do the ActionScripting. Pick one of the Behaviors you particularly like and try to promote the benefits of using it to your classmates.